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Cowork Hive is a community accelerator designed to support both the personal and professional growth of freelancers, startups and location-independent workers in our local community.

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-Harold Jache

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Let’s work together! We imagine a future for Southwest Florida where our local communities benefit from access to the same people, programs and technologies that you would expect to find in major metropolitan areas. In truth, we are already here – we just need to CONNECT. We are actively seeking property owners or entrepreneurs that want to play a role in co-creating a better future for work.

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Welcome to the workplace of tomorrow

The way the world works is changing: safety is top of mind and flexibility is a must. How will we go from what isn’t working to what will? Teams need spaces that foster collaboration while prioritizing wellbeing. Companies need offices that flex to evolving demands in a variable world.

Is the office finished?

Editor’s note: Some of our covid-19 coverage is free for readers of The Economist Today, our daily newsletter. For more stories and our pandemic tracker, see our hub M OST PEOPLE associate the office with routine and conformity, but it is fast becoming a source of economic uncertainty and heated dispute.

The Investor | How flex space operators are adapting to the current market

Offices around the world were left empty during the pandemic, making business particularly tough for some flexible-space operators as occupiers reacted to economic upheaval. Now, some of the larger operators are looking to capitalize on challenges in the sector, pushing ahead with plans to expand In June, listed flex-space group IWG took over 30,000 square feet of office space in Hong Kong that had been leased previously by another flex operator.

Every Street In Paris To Be Cycle-Friendly By 2024, Promises Mayor

Should she get reelected as Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo plans to turn the French capital into a myriad of neighborhoods where “you can find everything you need within 15 minutes from home.” But, preferably, not by car. Instead, the Socialist Party politician wants more Parisians to walk and cycle.

Opportunities Arising For The Coworking Industry | AllWork.Space

Typical coworking amenities include shared desks, community kitchens, foosball-ridden breakout rooms and more. But in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, shared workspaces are having to uproot these traditions in order to keep members safe. The uncertainty has caused companies, such as Regus, to file bankruptcy for 91 affiliates.

GitLab’s radical vision for the future of remote work

As 2020’s experiment with working from home turns into something more permanent, GitLab-the world’s largest all-remote company-offers a glimpse of what’s ahead, for better or worse.

With Long-Term Lease Signings on Hold, Flex Offices Find Their Time to Shine

COVID-19 has brought great uncertainty to the office market, between shelter-in-place orders, workers’ fears of being too close to others indoors, and the success for many of the forced working-from-home paradigm that the pandemic caused. All of this presents a unique opportunity for flex-space services, as Breather CEO Bryan Murphy shared with Commercial Observer reporter Nick Rizzi during a recent Commercial Observer Power Briefing.

WeWork Looks at the Office Market’s Post-COVID Future

The way people work is changing due to COVID-19, and, as a result, companies are adjusting their office space strategies to meet the current moment. Few companies understand the office market like WeWork, a flexible office space provider with more than 800 locations globally.

Future of work: how managers are harnessing employees’ hidden skills

Coronavirus has rippled across the world, taking hundreds of thousands of lives and changing many millions more. One striking side-effect is that across many organisations, urgent necessity has become the mother of management invention. The pandemic has ignited new initiatives, refreshed old ones, and compelled managers to reassess an approach still often based on being close to their staff.

Landlords Consider Adding Flex Space To Their Buildings | AllWork.Space

Some workers are slowly returning to the office, and with this comes increased responsibility for landlords and business leaders. The reality of a large second wave is still a major threat, leaving the real estate market anxiously waiting for the unknown.

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7 Pace Branding

Hey Dribbble, Unfold had the awesome opportunity of doing a brand refresh for 7Pace. Our goal was to evolve the logo and reimagine it in a bold new way. How did we do?


Had fun building this with @lobanvoskiy, what do you guys think?

7pace Website (LIVE)

Excited to see the launch of the website 🚀 see attachment for the full design view 👀 Thanks to the whole @unfold crew who worked on this! Turned out beautiful. _______________ Do you h...

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